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8 Paris

4 Major Attractions of Paris That You Can’t Afford To Miss

All the tourists more or less –across the world are all set to stick with their New Year touring resolutions and traveling plans. Among the list of plethora of places to hit this year, ‘Paris’ is the place which is on their radar; they are all ready to take a dive in the majestic adventure of “the city of lights”.  The factor that attracts all the “vacation animals” to the city of Paris is its limitless love for the travelers, and its hypnotic destinations which offer a great treat to the tourists.


To save your time and money all at once when you visit “the city or love” –here are amassed the four fine attractions of Paris that being an adventurous traveler, you can’t afford to miss:

  1. The great ‘Eiffel Tower’

This is the center of attraction of the “city of romance” which is often described as “the symbol of Paris”; this is because when you think of Paris –what pops up in your mind right away –is the image of the great ‘Eiffel Tower’. It is like a dream come true for many travelers when they watch it, roam around in its environs, and devour the lip-smacking food in the luxe restaurants present inside it. No doubt, you may visit it anytime of the day, but it’s always recommended to give it a hit at night –when it’s sparkling with enchanting lights, and offer you an unforgettable sight.

  1. Muséum Mystique –‘The Louvre’

It is the matter of luck to visit the vicinity of the Louvre; this is because this is probably the most mesmerizing museums present in Paris, which is the product of the French Revolution, and was established as a museum in 1793. It is a must visit destination in the city as it holds an incredible collection of fine art from all across the globe, such as the most famous being Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

  1. The Magic Kingdom –‘The Disneyland’

If you are fond of fancy, or a fairy-tale castle is your choice –‘The Disneyland’ is your best bet. It has little that can fail to amaze the adventurous souls, and this is why it is many times referred to as “the magic kingdom”. Planning trips to Disneyland Paris is probably the best use of your monetary saving because beyond flaunting hypnotic beauty, charismatic charm and fascinating crowd, Disney world of Paris has underground tunnels, the feline reign and VIP lunges to fill your soul.

  1. Peerless Palace of ‘Versailles’

Palace of Versailles is the historic royal château that can be an excellent day trip out of the city. The palace is gargantuan and incredibly beautiful both inside and out. Once you are in Paris –Versailles is the place that should not to be missed as it an astonishing attraction to witness great regality and grandeur.

Paris is love, and it’s the matter of huge luck if you get to witness and visit the vicinity of these four major attractions of the city. So, if you love to explore new places and discover hypnotic destinations of the world, ‘Paris’ should be your first go!

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