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Disneyland –Magic Kingdom with a Majestic History!

Paris is the name which is well known for its love, beauty and fashion. But above all, it is known for fun. Yes, it’s because it has got Disneyland which is the fun place for all. It is truly something which kid’s love and adults adore. Situated at the heart of the city, Disneyland is the magic castle with a world of wonder.

This is the place which is standing tall for several years and is narrating the story of its pride and success. There is an interesting history about this amazing place which everyone should be well acquainted of, so when you visit Disneyland the next time, you will be proud, surprised and glad to see the magic kingdom.

History of Disneyland

After the success of Walt Disney World, Florida, the initiatives to make Disneyland in Paris were taken. In the month of March, year 1987, the final contact in context of the Disneyland was signed by the leading members of the Walt Disney Company and the French government. When it was prepared and it came down to lodging the patrons, it was decided that 5,200 Disney-owned hotel rooms would be constructed within the complex.

Dissimilar from the other theme parks, the Euro Disney has a goal for permanent personnel with the requirement of 12,000 employees approx. for the theme park. This was in opposition with seasonal and temporary part time employees.

The Entry

Although, previously the Disneyland was firstly opened for employee preview and testing only in March 1992. This was the time when the visitors were used to be just the park personnel and their family members, who’s duty was to test facilities and the operations. 12 April 1992 was the real official date for the opening of the Disneyland which was open for all –the employees, general public and VIPs etc.

Transport To Disneyland

Yes, this was an issue in the previous time that the transport from the airports of the city to the Disneyland was not anything easy. People used to get tired when it came down to visit the magic kingdom and reach there with public transport which was tiring, uncomfortable and at the same time time-consuming. But with time, the services improved and the transportation facility was something which made it more popular. There evolved several city shuttle services which promised a much better services with utmost comfort and a private classy experience. Now, more and more people go to visit Disneyland as reliable Disneyland, Paris shuttle services are easily available!

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