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Let’s Uncover The Clandestine Of The Disneyland

Disneyland of Paris is probably the most desirable as well as celebrated place in the whole world. It has nothing that can fail to amaze you, enchant you or to make you fall for it; due to its hypnotic beauty, majestic charm and fascinating crowd people love this astonishing place and call it their “dream destination”. No matter how many times you have been to this magic kingdom, you don’t get enough of it!

In fact, lots of people who have been to Disneyland are unaware of certain surprising facts and things about this mesmerizing place. So, let’s pull off the cover from some of the surprising secrets and discover the clandestine about Paris’ center of attraction –“The Great Disneyland”!

  1. Underground Tunnels

Yes, the magic kingdom has several secret tunnels underground which let you escape from the main street and reach the Fantasyland in just the matter of minutes. These tunnels are stretched throughout the park for the swift transition of goods, stuffs and staff from one point to another in no time.

  1. The Feline / Cat Kingdom

If you find cats or feline in the premises of Disneyland that is no accident or coincidence, the cats are welcomed in the magic castle just to eradicate the mice and other such creatures which can ruin the beauty of the luxury land. Moreover, when Disneyland shuts at night, crews and cats thoroughly clean every inch so that it remains pristine and tidy for the next day.

  1. The Matterhorn’s Basketball Court

If you rely on the Disney Channel show, “Inside Out”, there exists a small attic-like place in Disneyland at the top of the Matterhorn that dwells a basketball court. Some people know about this hidden basketball court, but there’s something more to it. In reality, there is not a real basketball court, but it’s a space which the costumed workers use to chill, change, rest, and relax. No doubt, there is a basketball hoop to the space which leads that place to its title.

  1. Disney VIP

Disney’s California Adventure, also known as Disney VIP is the only park where you can procure and consume alcohol openly. Also, there is a club here –with only 500 members, which is called the “Club 33” that is a VIP lounge in Disneyland. The club has a waiting list of about 10 years long, with an initiation charge of $25,000 and annual dues of $10,000 per year.

The listed stunning secrets can be seen or enjoyed only if you visit Disneyland with enough time along with your loved ones. It has everything to give you; all you need to do is to hire CDG to Disneyland Paris transfers which pick you up from the Charles De Gaulle airport and drop you safely to the magic kingdom –“The Disneyland”.

Whether you accept it or not a good, safe and comfortable journey play in an enjoyable visit or vacation; so, make sure to hire transfers Paris Disneyland in order to add luxury to your Disneyland visit and make your trip memorable!

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