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The City of Lights – Paris

‘The City of Love’ or ‘The City of Lights’ or no matter what you prefer to call it, the aura, charm and sheer magnetism of Paris is unmistakable as well as unavoidable.

Whether it is the wrought-iron pinnacle of the gargantuan Eiffel Tower dominating the city skyline, the colourfulArc de Triomphe guarding the entrance to one of the world’s most chic avenues or the gargoyle idols patrolling the historic cathedral of Notre Dame, the allure of the city of Paris is simply unparalleled. Of course this is without mentioning the legendary Paris shopping adventures, the glorious wining and dining options and the artistic treasures of the city. The remarkable fusion of history, art and literature with modern architecture, high-rise buildings complemented with top quality transportation channels – Paris is indeed one of the world’s great metropolises.

Well connected by air

The city of Paris is served by 2 main airports. The Charles De Gaulle is one of Europe’s biggest and most popular while the Orly Airport is Paris’ oldest and busiest. Both airports draw in millions of passengers every year to this great city.

Paris Beauvais Airport

In addition to the main airports in Paris, the Beauvais Airport also draws in a significant amount of air transport traffic to the capital city. The airport is located in Tillé, 3.5 kilometresnortheast of Beauvais, and 85 km from Paris, hence the name Paris Beauvais Airport. The airport is served by a few low-cost airlines and its close proximity to Paris makes it an important hub for tourists looking to enjoy the sights and sounds of the French capital city. Paris Beauvais to Disneyland Paris transfers is quite popular with the Paris Eagle Cab service being one of the most preferred methods of transportation.

Paris Beauvais Airport to Disneyland Paris transfers

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